No one relishes the thought of being arrested. In many cases, it comes as a complete surprise. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or you made a few poor choices that led to the situation you found yourself in, the odds are good you didn’t see your arrest coming.

One such arrest that many people don’t foresee is being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Also commonly referred to as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), this arrest can leave you unsettled and uncertain of what to do next.

The good news is that our team at ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help. Our goal is to make posting bail as simple and affordable as possible. We recognize that, for many, being arrested comes as a complete surprise and is more than a little bit unsettling. For bail bonds in Gwinnett County, reach out to our team night or day.

Check out these common mistakes that can lead to a DUI, and don’t forget to call for help if you are facing any of these scenarios.

Underestimating The Power Of Strong Drinks

One of the most common reasons that someone winds up facing an arrest for drinking and driving is due to underestimating the power of the drinks they had. It is easy to assume that you are fine to drive after a few drinks, and, in some cases, that might be true.

The tricky part is that not all drinks are created equally. It is easy to see the difference between a glass of wine and a light beer, but it can get trickier to differentiate between seemingly similar drinks. For example, with the rise of craft beer across the nation, a couple of beers might not be what you think. Some craft beers might contain an extremely high Alcohol By Volume (ABV) compared to traditional light beers.

Not only that, but if you are drinking at a friends house, a mixed drink might contain quite a bit more booze than one you purchase at a bar. This can make it hard to calculate just how high your blood alcohol content (BAC) is before you get behind the wheel.

Judging Your Ability To Drive On How You Feel

Another reason that you can wind up facing a DUI when you least expect it is due to judging your BAC off how you feel. Legally speaking, having a BAC of .08% or higher is cause for a DUI.

However, how you feel might be different. For one person, having a BAC of .08% might leave them feeling incapable of driving. For others, it might not feel like they are actually that intoxicated. The reality is that no matter how you feel, the numbers are what matter to the cops.

Not Planning Ahead

Another cause for DUIs is often due to a lack of planning ahead. Perhaps you were only intending to spend an hour or two at your friend’s house and you didn’t wager on drinking much. However, the evening got away from you and, the next thing you know, you were stranded without a way home other than driving yourself.

Even the best of us can lose track of time, lose track of drinks, and find ourselves far more intoxicated than planned. It is always wise to create a game plan ahead of time, just in case. Perhaps that means calling a shared ride service to come pick you up. Maybe it means crashing on a couch for the evening. Whatever the case, having a backup plan never hurts and could be the thing that saves you from a DUI.

Trusting An Unreliable DD

In some cases, you did in fact plan ahead. You had a friend who volunteered to be your Designated Driver (DD), and you banked on them pulling through. Halfway through the night, you look over only to see that they are busy taking shots with friends.

Sometimes, a DUI is the result of an unreliable DD. Perhaps you feel like you are more sober than the person who was supposed to drive you home, so you get behind the wheel and drive.

Having a DD is great. However, be sure the person who takes this role on is truly reliable. Create an alternate plan just in case rather than relying solely on one friend.

Sleeping It Off In Your Car

Believe it or not, sleeping off a night of drinking in your car might not actually save you from a DUI. In fact, if you are pulled off on the side of the road and a cop decides to investigate, you could still face drinking and driving charges.

How does this work when the car isn’t being operated? The answer is — it’s complicated. If the vehicle’s keys are in the ignition, on your person, or well within reach, the cop can still argue for a DUI. While it is undoubtedly a safer plan to pull off if you realize you’ve had too much, the best bet is to leave your vehicle and go sleep it off at a friend’s house or somewhere far away from the driver’s seat of your car.

Call ASAP Bail Bonds For DUI Bail

As you can see, it isn’t that difficult for someone to find themselves facing an arrest for a DUI. If you have been arrested for a DUI or someone you love is being held in jail for drinking and driving, we are here to help. Contact ASAP Bail Bonds in Gwinnett County for fast assistance with posting bail. We are here to help, night or day.