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Bail Bonds in DeKalb County

No one wants to receive a call in the middle of the day or night that a friend or family member has been arrested. Dealing with the criminal justice system can be a frustrating and disheartening process that upends the lives of everyone involved. While 24 Fast Bail Bonds cannot fix the problems with the court system, we can make it easier for you and your loved ones to deal with the immediate aftermath of an arrest by offering affordable bail bonds and exceptional customer service.

At 24 Fast Bail Bonds, we are here so that people who have been arrested can get a bail bond in DeKalb County. Contact us 24/7 if you need help getting someone out of jail, or read on for more information about our Barrow County bail bonds, our free warrant search, and more.

Important Steps to Take If Someone You Care About Has Been Arrested

While the thought of a family member or friend sitting in jail can be difficult to handle, there are two important steps you can take that will make getting them out faster and easier.

Get As Much Information From Them As Possible

The more information that you can provide to the bail bondsmen at 24 Fast Bail Bonds, the better. When we have complete and accurate information, we do not have to waste any time calling different courts or police departments to find out what we need to know. For the fastest results, try to have the following info ready:

  • The name of the accused
  • The accused’s birth date and social security number
  • The phone number and address of the accused
  • The court where they had their bail set
  • The name of the jail where they are being held

In addition to information about the accused, we will also need some information from you. Most of this information is fairly basic (name, address, and phone number) but we will also need you to bring in money for the premium, as well as information on collateral. If you have more questions about what will be required of you, please ask us when you call. We can work with you to create a payment plan that you can afford if the premium is too expensive to pay all at once.

Call 24 Fast Bail Bonds in DeKalb County

The second step to take after someone you care about has been arrested in to call the ASAP Bail Bonds office in DeKalb County. After you call us, we will begin to work on bailing out your family member or friend. We will contact the court, pay the bail, and find out when and where the accused will be released. After that, we will discuss what your responsibilities are and offer whatever help we can. Before the trial, we will check in periodically to see how things are going and to answer questions about bail or a bail bond.