1. Should I Pay For Bail Or Hire A Bail Bondsman?

    After an arrest, if you committed what is considered a bailable offense, a judge will determine the amount of bail you must pay in order to be released. This amount of money can vary dramatically depending on the crime you committed, as well as how big of a flight risk the judge thinks you pose. Onc…Read More

  2. 5 Signs You Are Working With The Wrong Bail Bondsman

    When it comes to posting bail, most people will turn to a bail agent to assist with the process. This is usually due to the fact that bail is often set at an amount the average person cannot afford. A bail bondsman allows you to simply pay a percentage of the bail amount and they post the rest on yo…Read More

  3. Top Benefits Of Posting Bail

    Here at ASAP Bail Bonds in Gwinnett County, we are passionate about helping those across Gwinnett County and surrounding locations with accessing fast and affordable bail. We understand how difficult it can be to afford bail on your own, which is why we are here to help. Posting bail is an extremely…Read More

  4. Tips For Staying Calm When You’ve Been Arrested

    There are certain situations in life that leave us feeling panicked and uneasy. One such scenario is facing an arrest. Whether you have been arrested before or this is your first experience facing time behind bars, the situation can leave you feeling less than calm. As is true during any stressful l…Read More

  5. What To Do If You Can’t Afford Bail

    Bail exists in order to allow people to wait for their trial from the comfort of home. Here in the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. For this reason, it is your right to be let go until your trial date. However, judges also use bail as a guarantee that you will return f…Read More

  6. Things You Should Never Do During An Arrest

    It is understandable that during an arrest, tempers flare, emotions are high, and the temptation to retaliate is strong. However, there are certain behaviors during an arrest that could actually make your situation worse than it needs to be. While no one is happy about being arrested, the right beha…Read More

  7. 5 Ways You Can Support A Loved One Who Was Arrested

    When someone you care about has been arrested, it can leave you feeling unsettled. You might be worried about them. Perhaps you are frustrated and angry with the situation. You might even feel upset by their behavior. While there are many emotions to process when you find out someone you care about …Read More

  8. After An Arrest, Follow These Tips

    Being arrested is a stressful ordeal. From feeling like the situation is unfair to being left uncertain of what steps you should take next, there is nothing enjoyable about facing arrest. While being arrested is never going to be a walk in the park, our team is here to alleviate some of the stress. …Read More

  9. Common Mistakes That Lead To DUIs And What To Do

    No one relishes the thought of being arrested. In many cases, it comes as a complete surprise. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time or you made a few poor choices that led to the situation you found yourself in, the odds are good you didn’t see your arrest coming. One such arrest …Read More