Bail is the cash payment pledged to the court to let the defendant await their trial outside of jail. The bail amount depends on the severity of the crime and how likely the defendant is to return for their day in court. Essentially, bail acts as a promise that the defendant will return for their court date. If a defendant is bailed out and they don’t show up for their court date, the court keeps the entire bail amount and the defendant is much less likely to be given bail again.

The Role of the Bail Bondsman

Often, the cost of bail is a larger amount than an ordinary person can afford. This is where a bail bondsman comes in. A bail bondsman has already established a line of credit with the court system, so they can act to get your friend or family member out of jail quickly at a fraction of the full bail amount. This is the “bond” in bail bonds — it is an agreement between the bondsman and the person paying the fraction of the bail (called the premium) that says if the defendant does not show up, they are responsible for repaying the full amount to the bonding agency.

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