Robbery and burglary are both property crimes that involve theft. The circumstances that surround the crime determines which charge is used during the arrest. Robbery is defined by the state of Georgia as taking or trying to take something from someone that has value by utilizing intimidation, force or threat. In order for robbery to take place, a victim must be present at the scene, like a mugging or bank hold up. Burglary is defined by the law as the unlawful entry to a structure to commit theft or a felony. However, a victim does not have to be present for a burglary to occur. When a burglary takes place, it is often the accused entering a home and taking property when the residents are not home. There are also a number of categories of theft in addition to burglary and robbery, including larceny, theft, and extortion. An arrest with any of the charges attached should not be taken lightly.

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