You may have many choices when it comes to finding a Cobb County bonding company, but there’s not much debate about which company works the fastest to get your loved ones out of jail: ASAP Bonding is here 24/7 to help you during this difficult time by working quickly and helping you navigate the sometimes confusing legal system.

All we need to get the bail process started is the premium (the non-refundable payment used to secure the bond) paid in cash, credit card, check, cashier’s check, or through a payment plan, some information about you, the full name of the person who was arrested, their address and phone number, the name of the court that sent them to jail, a case number, and the name of the jail they’re incarcerated in. As soon as we have all of that, we start the paperwork, pay the bail, and arrange for the release of the person who was arrested.

We keep in touch with with the defendant between the time they’re released on bond and their next court appearance to answer any questions they might have and to remind them of their responsibilities, namely their need to show up to court on time for every hearing they have.

Contact us today if you have questions about our bail bonds or if someone you know is in jail and needs a bail bond.