What to Do If You Have an Active Warrant asap bail bonds walton county

Most of us have seen in TV shows where a police officer knocks on someone’s door and says something similar to “I have a warrant for your arrest.” But what exactly is an arrest warrant and what do you do if there is a warrant out for your arrest?

ASAP Bail Bonds offers the best bail bond services in Gwinnett, Barrow, Cobb, and Walton Counties. Our bail bond company has years of experience in helping those who have been arrested for crimes, such as DUI, distribution of marijuana, cybercrimes, arson, and more, get out of jail quickly. By using our bail bond services, you only have to pay a small portion of the bail set against you, which can save you a lot of money. Below, we’ll take a closer look at what to do when you have a warrant out for your arrest. Contact us to get started today!

What is an Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a warrant that is issued by a judge (sometimes called a magistrate) for your arrest. This means that the state can legally hold and detain you based on probable cause that you have committed a crime. The arrest warrant details what specific crime you are accused of, such as assault and battery. Usually at least two pieces of evidence are required to have a search warrant issued.

Search warrants are issued when a crime was committed and no police officer witnessed it. For example, if you are accused of murder and a witness comes forward and there is DNA evidence at the scene, a warrant will be issued. If a police officer witnesses the crime, such as being pulled over for DUI, then no warrant is needed. Once a warrant has been issued, you can be arrested any time and any place, from your place of work to the playground. There are different types of warrants, such as search warrants. Usually warrants cover one specific action.


An arrest warrant is frequently issued without the defendant present. Anytime a district attorney or the police have sufficient evidence or probable cause that you committed a crime, they can present that before a judge and obtain a warrant. If you suspect you have an outstanding warrant against you, you can get a free warrant check at ASAP Bail Bonds. Our free warrant searches will pull up any outstanding arrest warrant you may have against you in Gwinnett, Barrow, Cobb, and Walton Counties. You can relieve any worry if you don’t have one, and if you do have an outstanding warrant found in our arrest warrant search, you can make a plan.


  • You can turn yourself in to a local police station.
  • You can make plans for bail with our bail bond company before you turn yourself in. This speeds up the process considerably. Oftentimes, it’s just the formality of booking you’ll have to endure before being released on bail because we already have the process handled for you.
  • You can meet with a local criminal defense attorney. Depending on the nature of the crime, you may not have to face arrest or appear in court. For example, many people have outstanding warrants against them because of unpaid parking tickets (these are known as bench warrants, which are issued for more minor crimes). Your local criminal defense attorney can appear in court for you and ask the judge to recall the warrant without having to pay bail.


One of the worst things that can happen is that you are arrested unprepared. By using our free warrant check services, you can be prepared if you are wanted for a crime. You can go to the jail itself instead of facing an embarrassing arrest at work or at your six-year-old son’s birthday party. Knowledge is power, and in this instance, our free warrant checks can save you a lot of headaches and hassles in the long run.

Another great reason to get a free warrant search is due to the proliferation of identity theft, you could have your identity stolen and then a crime is committed by that person under your name. By running a quick warrant check, you can ensure this is not you.

ASAP Bail Bonds has a streamlined bail bond process that allows you or a loved one to get out of jail quickly. We are a 24-hour bail bond company, so we operate no matter the time or day or if it’s a holiday. The bail bond process is super simple:

  • You call us if you or a loved one has been arrested.
  • We gather the information we need to start the paperwork, such as what crime you or your loved one was arrested for as well as what jail you or your loved one is at.
  • You pay us a small portion of the actual bail set against you; we cover the rest.
  • Within hours of the paperwork reaching the courts, you or your loved one is free.
  • As long as you show up to your court date(s), you owe us nothing more.

ASAP Bail Bonds is the trusted name for bail bonds in Gwinnett, Barrow, Cobb, and Walton Counties. With exceptional bail bond services and free warrant searches, we can help you when you need it the most. Call to get started today!