Whether it was your first arrest or one of many, after you are charged and processed into the local jail system, you undoubtedly have a lot on your mind. One of the biggest considerations is in regards to what will happen at your court date. You are probably battling a lot of fear and anxiety in regard to how the judge will handle your case.

The good news is that you can prepare for your trial. You don’t have to face the court system alone — in fact, you really shouldn’t! With the right lawyer on your side, you can fight for your future.

As a local bondsman in Gwinnett County, we are passionate about helping those who have been arrested gain back their freedom before trial. We believe you can prepare best for your future when you are not behind bars.

If you are getting ready to go to court, make sure you seek out the help of a defense attorney. Check out these tips for how you can make a good choice when picking a local lawyer.

#1: Post Bail To Get Out Of Jail

First and foremost, you need to get yourself out of jail if at all possible. It is going to be way easier to shop around for a defense attorney if you aren’t behind bars. If the bail amount set is too high for you to afford, there is still hope. You can contact a local bail bondsman to assist you with securing the funds you need for bail.

Once you reach out to a bail bondsman — or have your loved one do so on your behalf — you can get to work securing your freedom. They will need a little bit of information about you, such as your full name, date of birth, and where you are being held. Then, you will pay them a bail bond premium. This is simply a percentage of the total bail amount owed. After that, they will post the rest of your bail on your behalf.

After the bail has been posted, you usually won’t have to wait very long for your release. The release time will vary depending on how busy the jail in which you are being held happens to be at that time. Posting bail is a great way to ensure you have the best chance at putting together a case for yourself prior to trial.

#2: Look For Someone With Experience

Once you are out of jail, it is time to start looking for a defense attorney to handle your case. As you shop around locally, look for someone who has experience handling cases similar to yours. For example, if you were arrested for drinking and driving, try to find a DUI defense attorney.

The more experience a defense attorney has dealing with situations similar to yours, the better. They will have a good idea of what has worked in the past. They will be able to put together an aggressive defense that utilizes everything possible to secure you the best outcome.

#3: Check Out Their Reviews And Recommendations

A good defense lawyer should have a lot of happy clients to prove it. Look for reviews of the attorney. Searching online for reviews is a great place to start. Once you sit down for your initial consultation, ask the attorney about any recommendations they might have as well.

Word of mouth is another great way to find a quality defense attorney. Does anyone in your family or friend circle have a good recommendation for a lawyer who helped them in the past? Your goal should be to find someone who has built a big reputation for being a quality choice.

#4: Pay Attention To How They Communicate

One of the most important aspects of your relationship with the attorney you choose is clear communication. Without quality communication from your lawyer, you will be left in the dark, wondering what is going to happen.

During the process of shopping around, take note of how well the defense attorney in question communicates with you. Are they easy to get ahold of? Do they prioritize your time or seem like they are in a rush? Do they get back to you about the questions you had? If someone can’t communicate well during the early stages of the process, they aren’t going to get any better. Opt for a lawyer who handles communication clearly.

#5: Ask Them About Their Strategy

A defense attorney should be able to provide you with at least a simple outline of their approach during an initial consultation. While they will need to gather more information to give you a detailed report of their strategy, ask about how they handle cases like yours.

You want a defense lawyer who focuses on fighting aggressively. They should be looking for any angle possible to help you win the fight against the courts. Listen carefully to what they are proposing and make sure it sounds like they are willing to work hard to secure you the best outcome possible. While there is only so much a lawyer can do, depending on what led to your arrest, they should have a strategy to make the best of the situation.

#6: Choose Someone You Trust

Finally, when it comes to making your decision on which lawyer to choose, you have to go with your gut. You need to feel like the person you have chosen is someone you trust. If a lawyer looks good on paper but leaves you feeling less than reassured, don’t hire them.

You want to feel confident the day you show up to court. You can only do that if you trust the person who is on your team.

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