Bail bond services are available for a reason, so when people are charged with crimes they don’t have to wait in jail for their hearings or trial. But there are some cases when people are denied bail and are left to wait weeks or months for the process to be over. If you had to tell your boss at work or your family that you wouldn’t be around for the next month, what would they say? There’s a good chance that should you lose your job and it would greatly affect your relationships. But unfortunately, this is too often the case. When defendants can either not afford to post bail or they are denied bail, it can have serious consequences on their life.

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we will do our best to help you post bail so that you can keep living as normal a life as possible. While we can’t help in convincing the judge or the prosecutor that you deserve bail, we can help by providing a bail bond so you can be released from custody. We truly hope this doesn’t happen for you, but if you are denied bail, here are some potential effects.

Harder to Defend Your Case

In order to help prepare for your hearings or trial, it can be incredibly beneficial to work with your defense attorney, letting them know the details of the case, if there were witnesses that can help, and more. But waiting in jail makes helping your defense attorney much harder. Instead of being able to meet them at their office or in another location, the defense attorney must make time in their schedule to come to you.

Less Likely to Go to Trial

For misdemeanor crimes, it is less likely that the case will go to trial. In smaller cases, it’s sometimes more important for the defendant to regain their freedom rather than waiting in jail for a trial. In these cases, a plea deal is often arranged, allowing the defendant an opportunity for a shorter process so they can go back to their lives. However, taking a plea deal often has consequences of its own, including a criminal conviction that will go on their record, and they may still receive some penalties, including fines or probation time.

Higher Likelihood of Conviction

A study completed by Columbia University showed that defendants who were held in jail until their trial were more likely to be convicted. There are a variety of factors that cause this, including the difficulties in preparing a case, the defendant is more likely to plead guilty, and others. A conviction for any type of crime can be devastating.

Financial Problems

There are several financial issues that arise when defendants are unable to be released from custody before their hearings or trial. Not only are they more likely to lose their jobs, but they may also have a harder time in the future finding employment due to the fact that they were arrested and had a stay in jail. Without a steady income, they are more likely to have difficulties paying rent or their mortgage, school costs, and more. Any financial problems can have significant long-term effects.

Health Problems

Not only are jails known for their lack of quality food and nutrition, it’s also harder for defendants to gain access to medication and doctors when necessary. If a defendant suffers from any disease, mental illness, or are physically impaired, they will also have a much harder time living in jail without access to the care and attention they need.

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we want to do what we can to ensure that your process is as smooth as possible. If the judge does approve bail in your case, get in touch with our bail bondsman in Gwinnett County right away. We offer 24-hour services and can ensure you don’t spend any more time in jail than necessary. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, ASAP Bail Bonds offers some of the lowest fees available so that you don’t need to worry about going broke paying for the service. We’ll do what we can to help you throughout your court process. Call us today.