If a family member or friend is in jail, contact ASAP Bonding right away. We can get them out on bail more quickly than other bail bondsmen and for a lower cost. It’s important that the residents of Walton County have the opportunity to await their trials outside of jail, so we work to get them out.

How to Post Bail for Someone

  1. Call us at ASAP Bonding with the following information: the defendant’s full name and address, the court that sent them to jail and their case number, and the jail that they’re in.
  2. We’ll collect a little information from you along with the non-refundable premium. (Don’t worry: our premiums are lower than most and are always just a small percentage of the overall bail).
  3. We take over from there. We’ll get in touch with the court, pay the bail, fill out any paperwork, and let you know when you can pick up your friend or family member from the jail.

After that, we’ll keep in touch with you and the defendant during the time leading up to their court date so we can answer any questions either of you might have and to make sure that the defendant shows up to their court date.

Call us 24 hours a day if you need to bail someone out of jail.

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ASAP Bonding proudly serves Monroe, Loganville, and other communities of Walton County.

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