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Bail Bondsman Barrow County

Our Role

A bail bondsman has already-established lines of credit with the Barrow county court systems. He can make arrangements to pay the court the full amount if the defendant does not return to court, in exchange for a down payment from the defendant or his loved ones that is only a percentage of the total cost. This makes bail affordable to most people.

The bondsman needs in Barrow County

  • Full name of the defendant, his address and phone number, a little bit about his credit
  • County, city or state court that sent him to jail, and the case number
  • Name of the jail
  • Name, address, phone number and some credit history of the person applying for the bail bond
  • Non-refundable payment (cash, cashier’s check, credit card or financial arrangement) based on a percentage of the total cost

The bail bondsman will make all the calls and arrangements to get the defendant released. Then he will instruct the applicant when to go to the jail to pick up the defendant.

What happens between arraignment and trial in Barrow County?

The bail bondsman then stays in touch with the defendant and his loved ones throughout the legal process leading up to trial. He will help to explain legal proceedings and to help the defendant make it to the trial successfully.

What happens if the defendant misses the trial?

If the defendant appears on trial day, the bondsman’s account is credited back the money that he put up for bail. The bondsman may have some additional expenses that will be charged to the defendant.

If the defendant does not appears for trial, of it he is late, the bail bond is forfeited to the court. The bondsman loses his money, so he will proceed to collect it from the defendant and the person or person who applied for the bail bond.

In Barrow County, the bail bondsman is held responsible for finding the defendant who has missed the trial. We have resources for tracking and apprehending defendants, however once a defendant misses his court date, bail is likely to be denied.

We are dedicated to serving the residents of Barrow County, including the citizens of Winder.