1. Do’s and Don’ts of When You’re Released on Bail

    Being arrested for a crime is no small thing, regardless of what the charge is. Whether it’s aggressive driving or committing fraud, getting arrested and going to jail can have very real consequences, such as fines, community service, spending time in jail, losing your job, losing friendships and …Read More

  2. Misdemeanor Bail Bonds

    Bail is set when you commit a crime. How much your bail is and whether you are even granted bail is determined by the crime you commit. ASAP Bail Bonds serves Gwinnett County with bail bonds service. A bail bond is an agreement you make with a bail bondsman if you can’t afford to pay bail on your …Read More

  3. What You Need to Know When Posting Bail For Someone

    When a friend, family member, or co-worker calls you from jail, asking if you could help them post bail, it’s probably the last call that you would expect to get. Being asked to post bail is a big responsibility, especially when bail amounts can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even when …Read More

  4. Felony Bail Bonds

    When you’re arrested for a crime, you are locked up. However, because of the freedoms of America, you are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Thus, you also have the right to bail, or a way to get out of jail, until you are proven guilty. Your first court appearance must be …Read More

  5. What Happens If You’re Out on Bail and Get Arrested Again?

    When someone is arrested, they may have the opportunity, depending on the type of crime, to post bail and then be released from jail until their court hearing. Posting bail can be done by anyone, but is typically paid for by a family member, friend, or a bail bonds company. The purpose of bail is to…Read More

  6. History of Bail Bonds

    You could say bail bonds are a tradition of sorts, borrowed from the English like a lot of our traditions, rules, and regulations. However, the idea of someone else vouching for someone when they broke the law dates way back to ancient Mesopotamia. ASAP Bail Bonds offers those who have been arrested…Read More

  7. 12 Myths Surrounding Bail and Bail Bonds

    There are some industries out there that are misunderstood, sounded by misconceptions that can cause a lot of confusion and can result in customers not getting the service they need. The bail bond industry is a great example. Bail bondsmen are consistently mischaracterized in films, which gives cons…Read More

  8. How is Bail Set? And Other Things You Should Know

    When you are arrested and given an option to post bail so you can leave jail, a big factor in whether or not that is an option for you is what the bail amount is set at. Oftentimes the bail amount is hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making it financially challenging, whether it’s being able …Read More

  9. Call If You Need a Bail Bond For Aggressive Driving

    We’ve all had those days when we’ve had a bad morning, we’re in a hurry, we dropped our coffee, traffic to work is awful, and we just can’t be late. These situations are frustrating, and it may seem like you have no control, making it easy to feel like you need to take control. So you start …Read More

  10. The Court Process and What to Know About Bail Conditions

    After seeing a couple of crime movies, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of what the arrest and court process is. But when you’re going through it yourself, it’s an experience like no other and it’s nearly impossible to simply compare it with a movie. Whether you were arrested for a DU…Read More