When someone you care about has been arrested, it can leave you feeling unsettled. You might be worried about them. Perhaps you are frustrated and angry with the situation. You might even feel upset by their behavior.

While there are many emotions to process when you find out someone you care about has been placed behind bars, there are concrete actions you can take that will help your family or friend out. Here at ASAP Bail Bonds, we are here to walk alongside you during this trying time. We understand how frazzled the situation can leave you feeling, which is why we are always on call — ready to help you.

Check out the following five ways you can support a loved one who was arrested and be sure to reach out to our team if you need assistance.

#1: Help Them Post Bail

First and foremost, the best course of action you can take when you find out your loved one has been arrested is to seek out information about posting bail. Has a judge set a bail amount that will allow your loved one to return home once paid? If so, work on helping them post bail as soon as possible.

The best way to go about posting bail is to work with a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will collect only a percentage of the bail amount from you. After that, they will post the rest of the bail on your loved one’s behalf. They will be able to walk you through the bail process efficiently, and they will take a lot of the stress off of you.

Posting bail will allow your loved one to return home, which can be beneficial for numerous reasons. Consider the following benefits of posting bail:

  • They can return to work
  • They can take care of ongoing responsibilities, such as paying bills, caring for children, etc.
  • They can focus on preparing for trial
  • They will feel less stressed

#2: Listen More Than You Speak

It is understandable that you have a lot of questions when your loved one is arrested. It is normal to feel concerned about the situation and to even have strong opinions about what they did.

However, the best thing you can do for your loved one during this stressful time is to listen more than you speak. Your loved one will have a lot to process themselves. It is extremely beneficial for them to know you are supportive and there to help. Listen as they talk about what happened. Let them express their worries and anger.

If you feel like you need to vent or share your concerns, find a trusted friend you can talk to. During this stage, it is better for you to seek out someone else’s listening ear than to stress out your loved one any more than they already are.

#3: Be An Accountability Partner

Another great way you can help out your family or friend after an arrest is to be their accountability partner. It will be extremely important for your loved one to stay out of trouble in the days following their arrest. You can help them out by providing accountability.

This could mean that each day you check up with them to see how they are doing. It might mean taking them to a required class or support group. Whatever you can do to help them stay on track, it will be easier for them to keep a steady course with someone by their side.

#4: Help Them Find A Good Lawyer

One of the most important things for your loved one to focus on after their release from jail is getting ready for their court date. The best shot at success is found through the help of an experienced lawyer.

Encourage your loved one to seek out legal advice. Perhaps you can help them shop around for an attorney you both trust. Maybe they need your help going to their first appointment. Do whatever you can to help them find a lawyer who will take on their case. A good lawyer will get to work right away building a strong defense for their trial date.

#5: Take Them To Their Court Date

For many, facing their court date can feel beyond overwhelming. In some cases, this leads to the detrimental decision to skip court. Not showing up to their court date is the worst thing your loved one can possibly do.

Encourage your loved one to show up to court and volunteer to take them to their trial. Knowing that you will be by their side can help them feel less stressed out on this big day. It is natural for you both to feel nervous about the results of the trial. However, facing it together can help lessen that burden of fear. Not only that, but your presence can help ensure they do not panic at the last minute and skip their hearing.

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If you are trying to support a loved one who has been arrested and you need help posting their bail, please contact our team at ASAP Bail Bonds. We provide fast and affordable bail bonds in Gwinnett County and across the local area. We will help you through the bail process, guiding you every step of the way. We know how overwhelming it can be to receive a phone call from a loved one who is behind bars. We will be there to help relieve your stress and return your loved one home.