When it comes to posting bail, most people will turn to a bail agent to assist with the process. This is usually due to the fact that bail is often set at an amount the average person cannot afford. A bail bondsman allows you to simply pay a percentage of the bail amount and they post the rest on your behalf.

In this way, bail bonds make posting bail attainable for more people. Here at ASAP Bail Bonds in Lawrenceville, we are proud to serve the local community across Gwinnett County and nearby locations with fast and affordable bail. Reach out anytime to learn more about how you can post bail for yourself or a loved one.

While working with a bail bondsman makes the process much simpler, faster, and more affordable, not all bail agents are the same. Check out the following signs that you are working with the wrong bail bondsman and seek help from our experienced team right away.

#1: They Aren’t Easy To Reach

A bail bondsman should be on call 24/7. Being arrested rarely happens at a convenient time. The last thing you want is to be playing phone tag with a bail bond agent who is hard to reach. When you are behind bars, every single second counts.

A bail bond company should have a phone number that you can quickly dial for help. They should be answering their phones around the clock. If they can’t answer your question right away, they should let you know how long it will take before they will contact you back.

If you find that the bail bond company you are trying to reach is difficult to get ahold of or they are unresponsive to your requests, it is time to seek help elsewhere. Whether it is a holiday, midnight, or mid-afternoon on a Sunday, your bail bondsman should be ready to answer your call.

#2: They Act Judgmental Or Impatient

Another sign that the bail bondsman you are working with is a poor choice is if you get the sense that they are being judgmental or impatient with you. Being arrested is not a fun experience. The last thing you need is for someone to pass judgment on you or make the situation any more stressful than it already is.

A good bail agent should be extremely patient. They should understand how difficult your situation is and their sole goal should be to alleviate your worries. They are there to help you, not judge you. Don’t settle for a bail bondsman who treats you with anything less than total respect.

#3: They Won’t Answer Questions Or Explain The Process

It is normal for you to have a lot of questions as you navigate the bail system. Whether you are calling on behalf of yourself or someone you love, it is not uncommon to come to a bail bond company with more questions than answers.

If the bail agent you are working with doesn’t want to answer your questions or explain the process in detail, move along. Your bail bondsman is working for you and should be willing to take the time to help you understand every single step. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. There are no wrong inquiries, and it is far better for you to feel confident in what is happening than to sit in the dark. Only work with a bail team who is willing to shed light on the situation.

#4: They Make You Wait Long Amounts Of Time

There are some aspects of posting bail that are out of your bail bondsman’s hands. For example, once they post bail, they cannot control how long it takes for the jail to release the defendant. That time frame will vary greatly depending on busy the jail is at the time bail is posted and the speed of their operations.

However, there are aspects of the process that your bail bond company does control. If you feel like they are dragging their feet or they keep making you wait for unreasonable amounts of time to gather more information, look for a different team. A bail agent should work extremely efficiently. With years of experience in the industry, they should know how to quickly post bail.

#5: They Don’t Have A Quality Reputation Locally

What people are saying about a bail bond company locally is telling. What kind of reputation does the bail bondsman have in your community? A good bail bond company should have outstanding reviews online and should come with top recommendations.

If you notice that no one has said anything positive about a particular bail bondsman or you see a lack of praise in the local community, look elsewhere. Opt for a bail company that comes with a solid reputation.

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