Sometimes you are arrested for what seems like minor, trivial things to you, but in reality is a big deal to your local law enforcement agency. Check fraud may be one of those things where you wonder why you were arrested. Then you remember that check fraud is actually stealing from other people. And stealing is a big no-no and has been since ancient times.

If you’ve been arrested for check fraud, ASAP Bail Bonds can help you get out of jail. When you partner with us for bail bonds service, we will pay your bail in full, while you only pay us a small portion of your bail amount as a fee, or what we call in the bail bond world, a premium. Below, we’ll explain in just a bit more detail about our check fraud bail bond services. If you’re in Gwinnett County, contact us today to get started!


Fraud is where you intentionally mean to steal money from either individuals, companies, or organizations. Check fraud is just using checks, or draws from bank accounts, to commit such a crime, which is stealing. There are different types of check fraud:

  • Forgery. Forgery is signing a check that is not yours or faking someone else’s signature on it.
  • Stealing. Stealing checks to use for fraud. This was often a problem when people wrote more checks before the digital age and many people had their own mailboxes that were unlocked.
  • Paper hanging. Stealing the information on closed accounts to use to write checks off.
  • Check kiting. A step beyond just floating money (which is where you write a check before you have the funds, hoping it doesn’t clear before funds are deposited into that account), check kiting is taking money out of accounts when deposited with a check that is not available yet from the other account and odds are won’t be available.
  • Washing. Washing checks to remove the ink and then rewriting them.
  • Counterfeiting. Printing your own checks from bank accounts that aren’t yours.


In Georgia, check fraud is known as deposit account fraud, which is defined as anyone who uses an instrument of payment of money that they know won’t be honored. Depending on how much the check was written for determines your charges in Georgia. Anything under $1,499 is considered a misdemeanor with varying degrees. Anything greater than $1,500 is considered a felony and can be punished by fines and prison time.


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