Being arrested is not a fun experience. It can cause your emotions to spiral out of control. It is easy to become extremely angry or scared. Whether you are someone who responds to an arrest by breaking down into tears or you are someone who wants to lash out, how you interact with the cops matters a lot.

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we provide assistance with posting bail for those who have been recently arrested. In many cases, after an arrest, a judge will set a bail amount that, if paid, allows the defendant to be released from jail. Unfortunately, this bail amount might be too high for the average person to afford. That is where we come on the scene. We offer bail bonds in Gwinnett County to help make the bail process affordable and fast.

During an arrest and after an arrest, it is important that you remain calm and interact in a positive way with officers. Check out the following tips on how you can best cooperate with officers in this difficult situation.

During An Arrest

Perhaps the time you will be interacting with cops the most, it is vital that you handle your encounter with officers during an arrest in the right way. The actions you take during an arrest will play a huge role in what charges you face. It is easy to quickly make your situation far worse than it was by simply doing or saying the wrong things. Check out the following important tips for handling your interaction with the authorities during your arrest:

  • Keep your cool. While it is easy to see why people often become agitated during an arrest, the best thing you can do is keep your cool. Make sure that you are not allowing your emotions to get the best of you. The more angry or upset you become, the harder it is to control your actions. This can lead to costly mistakes. Need help staying calm? Check out these tips about how you can remain calm under stress.
  • Don’t flee. It is a natural response as a human when we are in danger to want to flee. Our adrenaline kicks in, which is called “fight or flight” for a reason. However, make sure you do not try to outrun the cops. Doing so can lead to extreme charges against you. It is much wiser to face the arrest and deal with the situation at hand. Odds are slim that you are going to be able to actually escape arrest.
  • Don’t fight. Your arrest might be entirely unfair. Perhaps you are being charged for something that isn’t true. No matter how much you are angry with the officers arresting you, do not fight them. Fighting a cop can cause you to face felony charges. Hold your anger at bay. Remember, you will have a chance to prove your innocence in court. Fighting the cops won’t help your case.
  • Don’t make threatening remarks. Never yell at cops or threaten them. Threatening an officer is a crime. Once again, this will make it much harder for a lawyer to defend you in court.
  • Cooperate. If cops ask you to put your hands in the air, do so. If they ask you to sit down and wait while they process things, do so. Make sure that you are cooperative, not combative. A cop is more likely to be lenient with you if you are showing respect.
  • Stay silent. Say as little as possible. You can provide the officers with your name, but you don’t need to ramble on about the situation. The moment they read you your Miranda rights, you know it is time to be quiet. Speaking too much can land you in more trouble down the road.

After An Arrest

While the bulk of your interaction with officers is going to take place during the actual arrest, you are still going to be talking to cops after you are officially arrested. During this stage, it is still important for you to stick to some key guidelines. This can help make the booking process faster, which in turn allows you to post bail and get out of the hands of the cops sooner.

  • Listen carefully to instructions. After you have been arrested, listen carefully to what is being asked of you. Try to pay attention to what is being said. The more information you have, the better.
  • Comply with the booking process. Make sure that you continue to cooperate during the booking process. Provide them with the required information. Hand over your belongings, and follow their orders.
  • Ask about your bail. After you are booked, a judge will be able to determine your bail amount. As soon as possible, find out information about posting bail.
  • Contact a bail bondsman. Once bail has been set, use your phone call to contact a bondsman or ask a family member to do so. A bondsman will be able to post bail and get you out of jail quickly. The sooner you can leave jail, the less time you have to interact with authorities.

While dealing with the cops might not be your idea of a good time, following the above tips can help make the situation the best possible. Remember, we are here to help you, night or day. If you need bail bonds in Gwinnett County, we are the team to call. Reach out for help posting bail today.