Gwinnett County and the Atlanta area offers plenty of things to do in the summer, including a variety of breweries, wine tastings, and modern restaurants, not to mention all of the summer activities we enjoy during these warm weather months. This means there are plenty of opportunities to consume alcohol. Sure, having a beer or a glass of wine or two isn’t a big deal; it’s fun to hang out with friends having a good time. The problem is when having a good time leads to not recognizing when you have had too much and are being unsafe.

In all states across the country, the blood alcohol limit (BAC) is 0.08%. For those under 21 years old, the limit is 0.02%. Anyone who is pulled over while driving under the influence of alcohol, and whose BAC is above these limits, can be arrested and taken into custody. While being charged with a DUI is typically only a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstances, it may require that you post bail before you can be released from custody. Bail can be paid by either yourself, a friend or family member, or a bail bondsman. A bail bonds service pays the court a bond on your behalf, which can be returned when you have made all necessary court appearances.

ASAP Bail Bonds has been helping defendants in the Gwinnett County area post bail for years and we have helped in a variety of cases, including DUIs. Our bail bondsman are experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable, and above all, we want to help educate clients on how to avoid these situations altogether. If you’re heading out for a good time with your friends, here are some summer drinking tips to help you stay safe and legal.

Know Your Portions

The amount of alcohol in a drink will depend on which type of drink you order up at the bar. A serving of alcohol could be 12 ounces of beer, five ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor. If you consume three pints of beer, which are typically 16 ounces, this is four servings of alcohol. When you’re ordering mixed drinks, it’s especially important to be mindful of how many you’ve had as they often contain more than one serving per drink. As the night goes on, try to keep track of the number of servings of alcohol you’ve had, not just the number of drinks.

Know Your Limits

Everyone reacts differently to alcohol. If you’re a 200-pound male who has been drinking multiple beers on the weekends for years and who has had a full meal beforehand, you will probably be safe after one or two drinks. On the other hand, if you’re a 115-pound woman who hasn’t built up a tolerance to alcohol and hasn’t eaten before drinking, the alcohol will have a stronger effect. Your body type, your tolerance to alcohol, and what you’ve had to eat before or while you’re drinking are significant factors that play a role in how you feel after one, two, or three drinks.

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies need water no matter what. If you’re hanging out on Lake Lanier, sitting or swimming in the hot sun, you may want to grab a beer instead of some water to stay hydrated. Sure, beer has water in it, but it also has alcohol. Not only are you drinking more alcohol, which will have a bigger affect, you’re also drinking less water, which can leave your body dehydrated, making the situation even worse. Try to space out the beer you’re drinking and to add a bottle of water in between each drink.

Choose a Designated Driver

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s often a tip that gets turned into a joke. There may be someone who doesn’t drink as much as everyone else and so they are the driver at the end of the night — this can be dangerous for everyone involved. At least one person should volunteer to stay sober throughout the night. Even one drink can lead to a DUI, and there’s always the risk that just one drink will lead to two, will lead to three. When you’re putting others at risk, including others on the road, and yourself at risk of a DUI, it’s always best to play it safe.

Call a Cab

If worse comes to worst and no one in your party is safe to drive, don’t risk it. Call a cab. There are a variety of rideshare services that make it incredibly easy to get a safe ride home. So many people underestimate how intoxicated they are and decide to drive anyway, but if police have probable cause to pull you over, they will. This can lead to an arrest and may result in you needing to call a bail bondsman to be released from custody.

Summer is the best time to be outside with friends and to have a few drinks. But it’s essential that everyone drink responsibly to avoid being pulled over for a DUI. If you have been arrested for a DUI and need help posting bail, you can count on the team at ASAP Bail Bonds. We offer 24-hour bail bond services and will ensure that you can get out of jail quickly and efficiently. We have worked in the Gwinnett County area for years, and we are familiar with the process, the court staff, and we will help ensure you are aware of your responsibilities throughout the process. Call us right away if you need help.