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After the shock of being arrested wears off, your next immediate thought is how do you get out. You have a vague understanding that you will have to pay bail to get out of jail. So what is bail? And how is it set?

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Bail is the amount of money you pay to the court in order to go free until your court date. A judge sets the amount of bail based on many factors, including the crime you are charged with, whether you’ve been arrested before, your flight risk, and whether the judge believes you are a danger to the community at large being free. Bail is set at your first court hearing after your arrest.

A lot of crimes have a standard amount set, especially if they are petty misdemeanors. This allows those arrested to get out of jail sooner without having to see a judge. The US constitution deems via the Eighth Amendment that judges not set “excessive bail.” This is primarily to keep the courts from using bail to raise money. The point of bail is to ensure those arrested show up to court and to give them the opportunity to be free while awaiting trial since they have not been convicted of a crime. That being said, judges can set bail at an exorbitant amount that they know the suspect cannot pay in order to keep them in jail.

What Are Your Rights?

You have the right to request for your bail to be lowered either at a special bail hearing or when you first appear in court for your arraignment, or where you formally hear the charge against you. You can also be released without having to pay bail at all on our own recognizance.

Judges can also impose conditions upon your release from jail. If you violate one of the conditions, your bail will be forfeited, and you’ll be put back in jail. Some common conditions include not to break the law or not to come in contact with alleged victims in cases of domestic violence.

Options to Pay Bail


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