What is a Bounty Hunter? asap bail bonds barrow county

Most of us have an idea of what a bounty hunter, or bail enforcement agent, does and is due to the popular reality TV shows about bounty hunters. For the most part, what you see on TV is true. A bounty hunter is someone who is hired by a bail bondsman to find those who have skipped bail and bring them in so that they can face justice. In return, the bounty hunter (the “bounty” is the bounty hunter’s reward) receives a fee, which is usually a certain percentage of the bail.

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As explained above, a bounty hunter tracks down fugitives to bring them to justice. On average, about 20% of those accused of crimes skip bail. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work and skill to track down someone who does not want to be found. They have to perform investigations, interview known associates, and probably do surveillance on those whom they have contact with to find clues to the suspect’s whereabouts. Then, once the suspect is found, they arrest them and bring them to the police. If someone has skipped bail, they probably don’t want to go along quietly to jail. Thus, there is an inherent risk when apprehending criminals that bounty hunters face. Thus, most know self-defense and carry weapons in case they are needed.


In the United States, bounty hunters are responsible for catching over 30,000 people who have skipped bail, which is about a 90% success rate of those who have failed to show up for court. In truth, regular law enforcement is too busy to dedicate personnel to finding and catching fugitives unless they are considered extremely dangerous to the public, such as murderers. Thus, bounty hunters perform a vital function for the public at large by catching wanted fugitives and bringing them to justice.


Bounty hunters chief employers are bail bond companies. The way bail works is that when someone uses a bail bond company to get out of jail, the bail bond company is taking responsibility for the full bail amount and for ensuring the person will not run. In return, the person getting out of jail only pays a small fee. However, if the person fails to show up to court, the bail bond company is responsible for the entire fee since they have vouchsafed for the individual. This can be thousands of dollars, depending on the original amount of the bail. Thus, not only are bounty hunters helping take fugitives off the streets, but they are saving their employer, the bail bond company, hundreds or thousands of dollars.


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