History of Bounty Hunters asap bail bonds barrow county

The history of bounty hunters is colorful, indeed. First off, it deals with crimes, which people, in general, are fascinated with. Second, some drama can definitely take place when hunting people who don’t want to be found, and then, once found, what ensues. Lastly, criminals can be colorful people who are famous for one reason or another. Bounty hunting is nothing new, going back well over 1,000 years when families would vouch for other family members when crimes took place, and the Vikings would even enact justice.

ASAP Bail Bonds is a bail bond agency that serves the counties of Gwinnett, Barrow, Cobb, and Walton in the great state of Georgia. Bail bonds work when someone is arrested and can’t afford the bail themselves. They call us, and we agree to pay the bail for them for a small fee. When those whom we post bail for skip bail, we are then responsible for the entire amount of the bail. At times, we partner with bounty hunters to bring these people back to stand trial so that we are not out that money. Below, we’ll take a look at the interesting history of bounty hunters. Call our bail bond company to get started today!


Bounty hunting traces its origins all the way back to 13th century England. Here, if someone was accused of a crime, a custodian (most likely a family member) was appointed to ensure that person showed up to trial. If they did not, the custodian would stand trial in that person’s stead (and most likely be found guilty and hanged), which was a great incentive to watch over the person who had been accused of a crime. In 1679, bail as we know it was first instituted in England with the Habeas Corpus Act where defendants could be released with payment of bail. In the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, the Eighth Amendment guarantees that bail cannot be excessive, and in 1789, the Judiciary Act listed bailable offenses.

Because many people could not afford bail, bail bond companies began to form in the 1800s, which also began with people skipping bail and the bail bond companies being liable for that amount. Enter bounty hunters who were granted rights in 1873 to pursue fugitives, break into their homes, and then return them. We saw in the Wild West bounty hunters who would return criminals for big rewards due to the lack of law enforcement officials at the time to chase down criminals. This led to the infamous “Wanted” posters, and big rewards for the likes of Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy.

In the 20th century, you see two acts of Congress changing the bail bond process. The Bail Reform Act of 1966 tried to reduce the number of people skipping out on bail by lowering bail amounts, and in 1984 this was amended to allow bail to be refused for dangerous criminals.


Today, bounty hunting is very much a part of the bail bond and judicial system, as these men and women perform a great service by hunting down fugitives from the law. They are highly-educated, trained, and skilled professionals who research, investigate, interview, and stake out places in order to catch their quarry. It takes perseverance and patience to be successful as a bounty hunter today, and many are former military or law enforcement personnel who have specialized training in martial arts, self-defense, firearms, and more. Each state is different with regards to the law governing bounty hunters; however, most states allow bounty hunters to still pursue criminals across state lines.


Bail bonds offer a great service to the public. Since you are innocent until proven guilty, you have the right to be free until proven otherwise. When you are arrested, bail is set so as to give the accused both freedom and incentive to show up to court (you get your bail money returned if you pay cash for your bail and you show up to all of your court appearances. If you do not show up, that money is kept by the courts.) However, you may need help in making bail.

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ASAP Bail Bonds does use bounty hunters occasionally when the need arises. We offer misdemeanor and felony bail bonds. In addition, we offer free warrant checks, so if you are unsure if you have an outstanding warrant against you, we can help. This can give you peace of mind or time to turn yourself in. Contact our bail bond company to get started today!