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It's rare to have bail denied, but it can happen under some unique circumstances. When you work with an experienced bail bond agency like ASAP Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that our experts will do everything in their power to secure the release of your loved one. Check out these four reasons a judge can deny bail, and contact us today for 24-hour bail bond services in Georgia!

Severe Crimes

If the defendant is accused of a severe or violent crime, bail may be denied. Some examples of severe crimes that could result in bail denial include:

• Murder
• Rape
• Armed robbery
• Kidnapping
• Child abuse

Flight Risk

If the judge believes that there is a strong chance the defendant will flee before their trial, bail may be denied. Here are some factors that can contribute to being considered a flight risk:

• Having no ties to the community (no job, family, or home)
• Previous instances of fleeing from law enforcement or failing to appear in court
• A history of drug abuse or mental illness
• Access to financial resources that could be used to flee

In some cases, individuals who are considered a flight risk can still be granted bail and required to wear an electronic monitoring device, so contact a bail bond agency no matter the circumstances.

Threat to the Public

In some cases, the defendant may be considered a threat to public safety and denied bail. This is usually seen in cases where the defendant is accused of a hate crime, terrorism, or stalking, or if the defendant has a history of making threats or violence against others. If you have questions about what to expect with bail bond process, contact a reputable bail bond agency in your area.

Repeat Offenses

If the defendant is being detained for a charge that they have been convicted of in the past, or if they have a history of skipping bail or failing to appear in court, the court may choose to deny bail. Bail bond agencies can only do so much in these cases, but they are still your best chance of securing a release.

ASAP Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you secure the release of your loved one. We understand that being in jail is a stressful and confusing experience, and our team is here to answer all of your questions and guide you through the bail bond process. We are standing by to assist you, so contact us today!

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