Finding out that a friend or loved one is in jail is always tough. At ASAP Bonding, we understand how stressful the situation can be and we’re here to help alleviate some of the difficulties. We offer bail bonds at affordable rates so that you can get your family member out of jail quickly and they can get back to living their normal life while they await their trial. If you’re in Winder, contact ASAP Bonding right now to start the process of getting your loved one out of jail.

We Make the Bail Bond Process Simple

In order to get someone out of jail on a bond, we only need a little bit of information. We need to know their full name, which court ordered them to jail, their case number, and where they’re being held. Once we have that information and the premium (a percentage of the cost of the bail), we will start filling out any necessary paperwork to get your family member or friend out of jail.

After we get them out of jail, we’ll go over what your, and the defendant’s, responsibilities are. These include showing up on time for every court appearance as well as complying with any additional requirements handed down to them by the court. Failure to do so will cause the defendant to be arrested again and the full amount of the bail will be owed to the bail bondsman.

Winder residents in Barrow County have a friend in ASAP Bonding. Call us today if you need help getting someone free from jail at a very affordable cost.