What Do I Do?

Someone you care about has been arrested and put in jail — now what? Call ASAP Bail Bonds! We just need a few details about the defendant, the sodomy charges they are facing, and the jail and court they are subject to, and we’ll take it from there!

ASAP Bail Bonds offers affordable bail bonds and exceptional services. We’ll help you free your loved one from jail as quickly as possible and stay in touch with you throughout the process leading up to the trial. Not only do we help you bring your loved one home, but we’re also here to help ensure that everything goes smoothly and the defendant successfully appears for their trial.

Why Use Bail Bond Services?

The modern court system often makes it difficult or impossible for ordinary citizens to afford the bond they need to go home, and without the support of a bail bondsman, the defendant is forced to await trial in jail, which can be dangerous for those facing sexual crime charges. ASAP Bail Bonds gives you the opportunity to bring home your loved one at an affordable premium. We also go above and beyond to help you through the legal process leading up to the defendant’s court appearance so you can avoid bond forfeiture and any additional penalties.

Don’t let someone you care about stay in jail. Contact ASAP Bail Bonds today for a free consultation!