Eluding an officer is a common charge that is often combined with other offenses, such as speeding, aggressive driving, driving without a license, and more. Whatever charges your loved one may face, ASAP Bail Bonds can help bring them home.

How Bail Bonds Work

When someone is arrested and taken to jail, the court sets bail, an amount of money the defendant (or someone on their behalf) must deposit to the court to secure their release and motivate their return for trial. The cost is determined by the severity of the charges against them and the likelihood that they will return for trial. While the money is returned once the defendant appears in court, many can’t afford the upfront cost required to go home.

ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help. We will post bail on your or your loved one’s behalf and take care of all the paperwork. Once the defendant appears for trial, all you’re responsible for is our affordable premium and any accrued additional expenses.

Why Choose ASAP Bail Bonds

ASAP Bail Bonds is not the only bonding company in Georgia, but we strive to be the best and most affordable! We serve all Georgia residents, including those in Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb, and Clayton Counties, and we’re available 24/7 so you can always reach someone when you need.

Not only do we handle the entire bail bond process, but we also offer support leading up to the defendant’s court date. We know that legal processes are complicated and hard to understand. We’re here to help things go smoothly!

Call Today to Get Started

If someone you care about has been arrested for fleeing police, get in touch with ASAP Bail Bonds and we can help secure their release as soon as possible. We have years of experience working with courts throughout Georgia, and we’re here to use that experience to help you. Contact us through our online form or give us a call now for a free consultation!