Blackmail is a very serious crime in the state of Georgia. Celebrities are those most likely to be the victims of blackmail, but it does happen to anyone. Any time you are threatened by bodily injury or asked for money in exchange for an action, it’s most likely a crime. Sometimes, you could be threatened with being accused of a criminal offense, like theft or even murder. Your business could be threatened by a smear campaign. Your company may be threatened by a strike if an individual demands money to be paid on the side. You could even be blackmailed by a witness in your criminal trial who may threaten to not offer key testimony if you don’t pay up.


  • Blackmail is a felony conviction with the possibility of up to 10 years in prison.
  • You will face fines.
  • You could face a civil action lawsuit from the person whom you tried to blackmail.
  • You could pay for the value of the property or any other loss sustained.
  • You could face liquidated exemplary damages up to twice the value of the loss that is less than $5,000.
  • You could pay court costs.
  • Restitution for harm that came to the victims because of your actions.


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Bail bonds were invented so you wouldn’t have to sit in jail when you haven’t yet been convicted of a crime. Yet, the money ensures that you won’t jump bail and flee once you’ve gotten out. All bail is set by a judge and takes into consideration the charges against you and your previous run-ins with the law. It can be hard to say how much your bail will be until you have your bail bond hearing, which is within the first 48 hours of your arrest.

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